Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and Its Effects in Adult Life

Childhood Sexual  Abuse (CSA) and Its Effects in Adult Life

A child’s sexual contact with a grown-up is an experience which has a negative impact on the child’s development and their physical, emotional, and social functioning. The range of immediate and long-term effects of child sexual abuse is wide, and their occurrence depends on multiple factors.

The study examines long-term effects of CSA, especially those related to risky sexual behaviours (multiple partners, promiscuous behaviours), susceptibility to re-victimization, and prostitution. It was conducted in 2015, using the method of unstructured interviews with therapists and other professionals working with grown-up survivors of child sexual abuse.

The study presents the main recommendations, that reflect the most urgent needs and should drive various entities’ efforts aimed at protecting children. They do not cover the whole spectrum of the problem. They focus on the aspects that are discussed in this research report and, at the same time, are being explored by other researchers, experts, and practitioners.


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