CSSCF - Shoumen

CSSCF - Shoumen



The Complex for Social Services to Children and Families (CSSCF)  in the Municipality of Shoumen has been established as part of the project „Reform for improving the farewell of children in Bulgaria“ in 2005. Provider of the social services is Association „Social Activities and Practices Institute“.

Mission of the Complex for Social Services:

  • The social workers and psychologists in the Complex for social services work so that every child could grow up with his/her parents, with adoptive parents or in a foster family that could provide the child with love, care and attention.

  • We support children and families at risk so that they can build a healthy family environment and relationships, so that the children are not abandoned in specialized institutions. We would like to state our position against the abuse of children.

  • We develop social services in the community and together with the children and the parents we look for the best way to solve their problems and difficulties.

  • We work actively and develop the following social services in support of children and parents.

 Services for children:

  • Protected place and shelter for children who have been abused or have become witnesses of crime in an Emergency Accommodation Centre;

  • Psychological help for children victims of abuse;

  • Preparation of children victims of abuse or witnesses of crimes for hearings by representatives of the court or the prosecution;

  • Hearing of children victims or witnesses of crime in a specialized room - „Blue Room“;

  • Consultation of children who have committed anti-social behaviour or are at risk of finding themselves in an unfavourable situation regarding unwanted friendships;

  • Support of children that are at risk of dropping out from school or have already dropped our of the school system;

  • Workshops – workshop activities based on the wishes and interests of the children;

  • Holiday program – useful spending of the leisure time during holidays based on educational and fun activities .

 Services for families:

  • Unit „Mother and Baby“ - shelter and support for up to 6 months for mothers that are at risk of abandoning their children;

  • Prevention of child abandonment – support of parents that due to various reasons want to abandon their children;

  • Reintegration – support of parents who are taking their children at home again after the children have spent some time in a specialized institution;

  • Assessment, training and support of candidates for foster parents and for confirmed foster families;

  • Training and support of candidates for adoptive parents;

  • Consultation of clients who come voluntarily – psychological, legal and socio-pedagogical; consultation of parents who have difficulties and problems in raising their children.

 Principles of work:

  • For us the most important is the interest of the child;

  • We stimulate the child and the family to think about the solutions of their problems;

  • We take into account the right of personal opinion;

  • We guarantee/follow the principle of confidentiality of information;

  • We state our position against discrimination and we encourage tolerance in regards to gender, ethos, religion, disability, social status, etc.;

  • We support voluntarism in favour of the children;

  • We respect and work with all institutions that have something to do with children;

  • Our activities are free and accessible to all citizens of the Municipality of Shoumen, as well as to people from other municipalities when it is necessary to support children who have been abused, or mothers who are at risk of abandoning their children.

Contact us:


10 Dimitar Blagoev Street, Shoumen 9700


Unit „Mother and Baby“
11 Belasica Street, Shoumen 9700