Laboratory for multi-disciplinary discussion of cases
Laboratory for multi-disciplinary discussion of cases Dear colleagues, A Laboratory for multi-disciplinary discussion of cases will take place on 12.12.2011 at 3:00 p.m. in the building of the Community Support Centre that is part of the Social Activities and Practices Institute, on 175 Pirotska Street in Sofia. We would like to ask you to propose the type of problematic cases that you would like to be discussed. You are also welcome to present a case from you practice if you wish so, but we ask you to send information about it in advance. Welcome! Please, confirm your participation on the following e - mail address: or at the provided telephone number until 07.12.2011. Contact telephone number: 02/ 920 42 38. Contact persons: Ophelia Georgieva and Biliana Koicheva. Participants in the Laboratory are employees in SAPI that work directly with children and participate in the training programs of the Institute, pedagogical advisors from schools, social workers, representatives of the probation services of the police and of the CPU, psychologists, represnetatives of non-government organizations, representatives of specialized instituions for children, psychotherapists and others. The laboratory functions as a group for professional support that reviews cases, discusses concrete topics and analyses theoretical materials. This is a new method for profesisonal support of specialists working on the problems of children. The aim is to assist the daily work of the profesisonals on cases, to increase their capacity to understand what the children want to say with their anti-social behaviour or problematic behaviour, and to increase their overall capacity for work. In this way an atmosphere of professional self-help will be created, as well as of collaboration between all interested sides working with children.
The CSSCF in Pazardjik organizes an open discussion on the topic
The CSSCF in Pazardjik organizes an open discussion on the topic "Children whose parents work abroad" The CSSCF in Pazardjik organized an open discussion on the topic "Children whose parents work abroad" on 23.11.20. The discussion is a result of the work of the social workers from the CSSSCF. A lot of the children directed to the services of the CSSCF are at risk of dropping out from school. It turns out that one of the reasons for this is the fact that these children are raised by relatives and their parents work and live abroad. The relatives of the children encounter difficulties when a problem arises with the child /health problem, education problem, documentation problem, etc./ because if they are not the legal representatives, they cannot undertake timely activities without the permission of the parents. It has been concluded that a lot of these children have changed their behaviour as a result of the absence of their parents, they run out of school, have conflicts with their relatives, find themselves in unfavourable social environments etc. Participants in the public discussion were representatives of the "Education" sector and the Social Activities Directorate of the Municipality of Pazardjik, RDSS-Pazardjik, CPU-Pazaedjik, inspectors from the Child Pedagogic Room to the RPD-Pazardjik, directors of secondary school in Pazardjik and the Municipality and pedagogical advisers. A presentation on the topic was prepared by the CSSCF along with statistics concerning the number of cases of children whose parents have lived and worked abroad in the period 2010 – 2011.
Campaign against the sexual abuse of children
Campaign against the sexual abuse of children On 22.11.2011 SAPI started a campaign against the sexual abuse of children. Partners in the campaign are the Capital Municipality, the Municipality of Shoumen, the Municipality of Pazardjik, the SACS, radio N-Joy bTV, the Agency "Grei". The campaign is implemented within the frames of the project "Childhood without abuse" (financed by the OAK Foundation) and the project "Protection of the right of the child victim of a crime to receive psychological help and child-friendly hearing" (financed by the Program "Fundamental Rights and Citizenship" of the EC). The campaign was opened by Associate Professor Nelly Petrova, Chairperson of the MB of SAPI with participation in the morning broadcast of bTV. At the same time press conferences took place in the Capital Municipality and the Municipality of Shoumen where the journalists were introduced to the symptoms of abuse and the services that are offered to children victims of abuse. A media report on Nova TV was broadcast regarding the work of the professionals from the CSC in Sofia with children victims of sexual abuse. News will be published about the planned activities in Shoumen, Pazardjik and Sofia. The message of the campaign is: The children victims of sexual abuse want to become invisible. The focus is on the quality of the professional support of children, the vigilance of the parents, the support of the child and the creation of atmosphere conducive to sharing. The website of the campaign is: Publications in the media: The campaign has been organized and carried out for the first time in Poland in 2010 by the Nobody's Children Foundation. The materials for the campaign have been created to be of public benefit by GreyWORLDWIDEPoland. The materials published within the framework of the campaign have been provided for adaptation for free by the Nobody's Children Foundation.