New foster family candidates in Shoumen
New foster family candidates in Shoumen The Regional Foster Care Centre organized training for candidates for foster parents that took place on October 8th-15th, 2010. New 10 families from the region of Shoumen embarked on the mission to become foster parents and the training is part of their professional training. Through discussions of real life situations and role games the candidates increase their understanding, sensitivity and skills to support children at risk that are victims of violence in their own families or that have been abandoned in specialized institutions. "To live with his/her own parents is the best for every child, but when this is impossible, then foster care represents one of the best opportunities for the children to receive love, care and attention", commented the social workers from the team of the Regional Foster Care Centre. During the training they placed an accent on the ethical principles and rules that are an inseparable part of the life of people from the helping professions. The tasks related to the development of children from zero to three years old in pre-scool age and during the youth period represent other interesting topics included in the training. "The mission of the foster parents is to be part of the life of the child and the family during one of the most difficult periods for them and during the training the future foster parents learn how to do this in the best possible way", share the social workers. The training is one of the stages that foster parent candidates need to pass. Until the final approval by the Child Commission family assessment will be performed by the social workers from the Regional Centre within a period of three months. During the process the social workers have conversations with the candidates and with other members of the family, with relatives and friends. In the meantime in the Region of Shoumen 52 foster families take care of 47 children and 33 families are in the process of being evaluated. The Regional Foster Family Centre at the address: Shoumen, 11 Belasitsa street, telephone for more information - 054/850 777; 054/800 430
Forum for the fifth birthday of the Complex in Shoumen
Forum for the fifth birthday of the Complex in Shoumen The quality of social services was the topic that unified specialists from the whole country. In the discussion took part partners from the Municipality of Shoumen and the Regional Authorities, the deputy head of the SACS Kalin Kamenov, representatives of the state and of non-government organizations as well as users of social services in the Complex in Shoumen. Five years the Social Activities and Practices Institute works for the provision of social services in support of children and families from Shoumen. "We are very happy and excited about this meeting with which we celebrate five years from the opening of the Complex for social services to children and families in Shoumen. I think that the the figures are indicative of what we have been able to accomplish with our work. Here, there are representatives of various institutions related to child protection - schools, court, prosecution, police and the municipality of Shoumen. For us this is an important factor that demonstrates that we have managed to develop good partnerships", shared associate professor Neli Petrova-Dimitrova - Chairperson of the Management Board of Association SAPI. "We worked for the development and extension of the network of partners and organizations on local and national levels, as well as for the provocation of the local community to express a clearir public opinion and non-tolerance for the problems of the children", remarked the Director of the Complex Veneta Gospodinova. For five years the team of social workers and psychologists in the Complex has supported a total of 2440 children and parents from the region, point the data from the analysis. The Emergency Accommodation Centre has been visited by 221 maltreated children and 27 mothers, victims of violence.
The Complex in Shumen is Five Years Old
The Complex in Shumen is Five Years Old On the 5th and 6th of October in celebration of five years since the Complex for social services for children and families in Shumen started the Municipality of Shoumen and SAPI organize a work meeting on the topic: "The Quality of Social Work Seen Through the Experience of the CSSCF Shumen".   Participants in the meeting will be representatives from the Municipality of Shumen, the Social Support Agency, SACS, the National Justice Institute, UNICEF, non-government organizations working in the social sphere, members of the teams of the Complex from the pilot municipalities. THE COMPLEX FOR SOCIAL SERVICES TO CHILDREN AND FAMILIES IN SHUMEN IS FIVE YEARS OLD work meeting "Quality of the social services" Venue: October 5th - Hotel Shumen, "Forum" Hall October 6th - CSSCF Shumen - 19 Dimitar Blagoev Street and the Regional Foster Care Centre - 11 Belasica Street October 5th 13:30 – 14.00 Registration 14.00 – 14.30 Opening and welcoming speech by Mr. Krasimir Kostov - Mayor of the Municipality of Shumen, Mr. Dimitar Aleksandrov - Regional Administrator, and Associate Professor Nelly Petrova-Dimitrova - chairperson of the SC of SAPI 14.30 – 15.30 Presentation: "The Quality of Social Work Seen Through the Experience of the CSSCF Shumen" 15.30 – 16.00 Cofee break Press conference with journalists 16.00 - 17.30 Discussion (on topics proposed by the participants) 17.30 - 18.00 Review and closing of the day by representatives from the Social Support Agency and the State Agency for Child Protection 19.00 Cocktail October 6th 9.00 – 10.00 Visit of the Complex for social services to children and families 10.00 – 12.00 Workshops · - Services for prevention of child violence Venue: Conference room in the CSSCF Shumen, 10 Dimitar Blagoev Street · - Services for prevention of child abandonment – Foster care Venue: RFCC, Shumen, 11 Belasica Street 12.00 Organized sightseeing for those interested in the historical monuments of Shumen. Departure.