Association SAPI and Association
Association SAPI and Association "Child and Space" will manage the Complex in Vidin In the city of Vidin on May 11th, 2011 the new Complex for social services to children and families officially opened doors. A speech at the opening ceremony was given by the Mayor of the Municipality of Vidin - Rumen Vidov - as a host and a partner for the project, by Tania Radochai and Stean Anderson - representatives of UNICEF from Bulgaria and Denmark, by the Danish Countess Alexandra Kristina, by Kore Janson - the Danish Ambassador in Bulgaria, by Nikolai Zahariev - representative of the Velux Foundation, by Valentina Simeonova - Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy, by Ianita Manolova - Deputy Executive Director of the Social Support Agency and by Kalin Kamenov - Deputy Head of the State Agency for Child Protection. Consecration of the new building was performed by the Great Bishop Sionii - vicar of the Vidin Metropolitan bishop Dometian - so that everyone who uses the buidling in the future is blessed by health and luck. The official band was cut by Tania Radochai, Borislav Vankov - Deputy Mayor for Social Policy in Vidin, Valentina Simeonova and Stean Anderson. The Complex will be managed by the consortium Association "Social Activities and Practices Institute" and Association "Child and Space". Director of the Complex will be Mrs Mariela Valkova. The Complex will have three different units: Community Support Centre, Monitored Shelter and a Daily Centre. The services will be available to the citizens in the region of Vidin free of charge. Mrs Tania Radochai clarified that "The Complex will be oriented to children and youths at risk, their families, children placed in institutions and children that have dropped out from school".
Round Table on the topic
Round Table on the topic "Professionalization of the social work and the role of the non-government organizations" On April 27th and 28th, 2011 in the "St Sofia" Hotel Association "Social Activities and Practices Institute" as an implementor of the project "Right of the child to have a family: foster care in the objective" held a round table on the topic "Professionalization of the social work and the role of the non-government organizations".   The aim of the round table was to pose a very important question directly related to the quality of the assistance that is being offered to those in need in the social sphere and especially to the children and families at risk. At the round table were discussed topics such as: "Carrier development of the social workers", presented by the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy - Valentina Simeonova; "Professionalization of the social work" - presented by Associate Professor Nelli Petrova-Dimitrova; "Standards for the helping professions" - presented by the state expert from NAPOO Penka Nikolova. The time during the plenary sessions was divided into four sections that tackled the professionalization of the specialized professions and of the so-called unspecialized professions in the social work sphere, and the problems related to the professionalization of the child care and the professionalization of the social work targeted at the creation of new professions. Participants in the discussion were representatives from SAPI, the Sofia University, several ministries, SACP, SSA, the Capital Municipality, the National Child Network and other non-government organizations; as well as international guests - Alesandra Vila (Amici de Bambini), Michel Jorand and Phillip Segrestian (SMEA) France, and Viorika Matas (Amici de Bambini) Moldova. The experience of France, Moldova and Bulgaria in the sphere of social animation was presented at the round table as well. We would like to proudly inform you that during the time of the round table Association "Social Activities and Practices Institute" celebrated its 10th anniversary.