Exhibition of children's paintings marked the end of the project
Exhibition of children's paintings marked the end of the project "New Generation" The project "New Generation" of the Complex for social services to children and families in Shoumen ended with an exhibition at which the works of talented children from the last five months were presented. The project started on October 7th, 2010 and was implemented with the financial help of the "Kultura" Fund of the Municipality of Shoumen. Within the concept for the project was the effort of the team of social workers to support children with creative skills in the area of contemporary painting and photography so that the children could develop these skills and have the chance to participate in a public event. The assessment of the painter and Associate Professor Valentin Kulev regarding the work of the children was fairly high. All children were granted with awards for their participation. The Director of the Complex expressed special gratitude to the partners who helped for the implementation of the project. The exhibition took place in the Regional Library "Stilian Chilingarov" in Shoumen. Since 2006 the Complex has developed successfully its work with children in the art sphere and has become the initiator of art events implemented with the help of long-term partners such as the French Children Organization "Solidarite Laic", the Art Gallery "Elena Karamihailova", the Regional Library "Stilian Chilingarov", HCMD "Kalinka" - village V. Drumev, the National Centre "Dobri Voinikov", and the club "Rodoliubie". In the Complex work specialists that have passed training in social animation and art therapy.
The first new-born baby in Shoumen to find foster parents
The first new-born baby in Shoumen to find foster parents For the first time a new-born baby in Shoumen has been placed in a foster family. On the prevention of abandonment of the baby worked a social worker from the Medical Hospital in Shoumen and the team of the Complex for Social Services to Children and Families, the Regional Foster Care Centre and the Child Protection Unit in Shoumen.   The girl was born on 18.02.2011 – Friday at 9:10 p.m. A little while after giving birth the mother has left the Multi-profile Hospital in Shoumen and left the child within the hands of the hospital. After a signalization by the social worker in the hospital, the Complex for Social Services started immediately work on the prevention of the abandonment of the child at a Home for Children. The mother was visited by the social worker in the village where she lives about 50 km away from Shoumen. She shared that at this point she cannot and does not want to take care of the child. She lives in very bad living conditions and takes care of three other elder children. At the release of the baby from the hospital were present the foster parents together with the social workers. The little K. is the first baby that has been taken by foster parents right after birth. The new-born babies have the greatest need for support by foster parents and this is why the team of the Regional Foster Care Centre in Shoumen works for the encouragement of more and more such families to take babies in their homes. The telephones of the Regional Foster Care Centre are 054 /800 430 and 0895 522449.