Mission and goals

Mission and goals

We are a community of experts in the provision of help to children and families that combine theory and practice.

We work for the professionalization of the social practice with children and families by: 

  • developing new models, carrying out scientific research and scientific-applied studies;
  • analyzing our experience and transferring it to the professional community;
  • spreading knowledge and new skills, supporting the professional development through sharing and analyzing the professionals' own experience.

We understand the helping process as a good attitude to the client, respect for the rights, and empowering of people.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Increasing the quality of the services provided by us, and developing new holistic services, oriented towards the complex needs of our clients (providers of social services, local authorities, representatives of the justice provision and court system, the education and health systems), from development of their capacity for support, assistance, correction and care for children and families.
  • We develop the capacity of the organization for the provision of a holistic package of services for assessment of the quality of social and integrated services for children and families, and for interventions for support of the teams that provide them.
  • We study and analyze the phenomenon of resilience in people that have lived through traumatic events, and we apply the approach based on this phenomenon for the conceptualization of the helping process, the prevention of child abuse, the prevention of separation of children and families.