Consultation services for training and suppervision of the social services for children in conflict with the law in the region of Sliven


Research and assessment of the situation in the region of Sliven have shown the need for change in the work in all the main areas of professional community intervention:

  • prevention of the child's behaviour in conflict with the law;
  • decision making in regards to care and prevention – a system of institutions and cooperation between them, mechanism for decision making, preparation and use of integrated assessment of the child in conflict with the law, etc.
  • availability, accessibility and quality of the existing interventions by the system – services, measures, punishments, etc.


As a response to all this the project aims to develop a package of specialized social services for children with behaviour at high risk of abuse and involvement in crimes, as well as for children in conflict with the law, which will contribute to the development of child-friendly justice.

The project is implemented by the Social Activities and Practices Institute in partnership with the International Social Services – Bulgaria and Association “Dete I prostranstvo” based on a contract with UNICEF-Bulgaria.

The project foresees measures aimed at improving the capacity of the existing services on the territory of the Municipality of Sliven, and at the creation of new services, including for guaranteeing the efficient use of the existing resources, and for achieving better results for the children and the whole community. The specific goals that have been defined are:

  • To define the role of the specialized services for children at high risk and/or at conflict with the law as a guarantee that the rights of the children and their best interest are respected;
  • To define the role of specialized services in the prevention of child behaviour at high risk at all levels – general prevention, prevention of risk, and prevention of risk of recidivism;
  • To develop the methodologies of the specialized services and a concept that would support their functions;
  • To define the professional approaches that would make use of the social services in order to guarantee collaboration between all organs, organizations and structures in the best interest of the children.


The project is implemented in the region of Sliven and includes the cities of Sliven, Kotel and Nova Zagora. The services included in the frames of the project are provided on the territory of the region of Sliven:

  • A complex of services for children in conflict with the law, including a Child and Youth Zone (combines the following services: Centre for Intensive Social-Instructive Support/Centre for Working with Street Children, Temporary and Monitored Accommodation in Sliven);
  • Centre for Psychological Support of Children and Families and a Blue Room;
  • Community Support Centre – Nova Zagora;
  • Centre for Working with Street Children – Kotel;