Prevention of child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation in Central and Eastern Europe - a comprehensive approach




The project is a continuation of the longstanding partnership between SAPI, the Nobody’s Children Foundation (Poland), the Children Support Center (Lithuania), the Center Against Abuse “Dardedze” (Latvia), the National Center for Child Abuse Prevention (Moldova), and the Child Well-Being Fund (Ukraine), within the transational Programme “Child Abuse and Neglect in Eastern Europe”. Since 2008, the partner organisations implement coordinated actions in their countries, aimed at raising sensitivity and public awareness on the issue violence against children.For the period 2014 – 2018, the accent of our efforts is reducing the tolerance towards sexual abuse and exploitation and a better understanding to the links between sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children.

For that purpose, two campaigns will be conducted – a campaign targeting parents and professionals working with small children, as well as a campaign targeting adolescents in relation to the consequences of risky sexual behavior, online and in real life.

Our team will develop lesson scenarios and programs to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation, aimed at small children and teenagers. New information and training resources will be developed for parents and professionals, to support them talking to their children about the problem, recognise and deal with risky situations.

Each year, trainings for professionals and parents will be conducted.

Information about the campaigns, the upcoming trainings and the developed materials will be available on the project page and the page of SAPI Resource Center Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation 

During the first project year, an additional accent will be the training of professionals, aimed at the better implementation of the Coordination mechanism for interaction in cases of child victims or at risk of violence and interaction in crisis intervention. 




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