The Child Witness


The Child Witness

Resource Centre „The Child Witness“ started in 2007 as part of the Program “Children and Justice. Prevention of Abuse” of the Social Activities and Practices Institute, and its goal is to increase the information and the competence of the professional community for for the development of policies supporting children victims of abuse, crime victims or crime witnesses, as well as to contribute to the development of justice provision in the country that is adapted to the needs of children.

The aim of the program is to contribute to all legislative and administrative actions and measures regarding children participating in legal procedures, to apply the principle of the best interest of the child and the child's well-being. In order to contribute to the achievement of this goal the Social Activities and Practices Institute carries out research and develops innovative practices, projects and services on its own, as well as with the support of partners from the government and non-government sectors in Bulgaria and in the European community in England, Belgium, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Northern Ireland, Hungary, France, Scotland, and other. 

On the website of the Resource Centre “The Child Witness” one could find materials, articles, analyses, and reports from research and practices in the country and in Europe, as well as products from implemented projects in the sphere of children's rights, children witnesses and participants in legal procedures.



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