I want to be a valuable parent

I want to be a valuable parent

A package of programs, consultations, and interventions. The parents inform themselves about their rights and about the service. An assessment of the needs of the child and the family is done first. Afterwards a plan for support is negotiated, in which the following could be included:   

Group Program “Smack Free”;
How to place limits for our child with love and respect? The parents  understand better their feelings, thoughts, convictions and needs; they improve their skills to better understand the motives behind their behaviour, to acquire skills for recognizing and controlling their own emotions, to extend and improve their education methods, which would help them to raise their children in a positive way. They encounter and have the opportunity to apply new models of behaviour.  

Group Program “Positive Parenthood”;
The Program for positive parenthood tries to support parents through training based on the resilience approach – developing their communication skills, trust and acceptance of the child, as well as using their own resources. The Program is in line with the main postulates of positive parenthood, and the concept about effective communication, developed by Thomas Gordon. It aims at building trust between the parent and the child, at supporting the relationship and the communication between them in a positive way, as well as at supporting the parents in the process of educating their children without the use of violence, introducing them to alternative positive strategies.  

Individual Consultations;
Consultation is a specific method for helping people in difficulty. By itself it is a complex of psychological, pedagogical, and therapeutic techniques, aiming to change the conscious region of human personality. It includes information, orientation, learning, support. As a result of these main elements, through consultation a better support to the clients of the service could be provided for increasing their self-awareness in a particular area of life or activity.  

School for Pregnant 
The Program provides specialized care during pregnancy. Main clients are mothers at risk of abandoning their babies after the pregnancy; pregnant minor and underage girls; pregnant women in the situation of a severe family crisis that affects their pregnancy; women with unwanted and/or late-discovered pregnancy; pregnant women with work that is risky for their pregnancy; pregnant women after a period of traffic; pregnant underage and minor girls and women in high-risk communities. 
The service is only provided in the Complexes for Social Services for Children and Families in Shoumen and Stara Zagora.