Being a father

Being a father

A coalition of 10 NGOs launched a campaign "Being a father", which aims to support women in their most important role, namely to be fathers. For child development play a huge role and the mother and father.

The challenge of being a father means putting forward the interests of the child. When the father manifests security, respect, understanding and respect for the individual child develop confidence, self-esteem and independence. In the process, the father is a role model and this role is crucial for the growth of the child and educating him as a person who will have the skills to cope with the difficulties in the way of development.

"Being a father" is part of an international campaign MenCare - a global fatherhood campaign, which takes place in over 20 countries from 5 continents. MenCare aims to support women in their role of caring, fair, responsible and non-aggressive parents and guardians with a view to the full development of children.

In Bulgaria, the campaign is supported by the OAK Foundation. Main partners in the coalition Foundation "Animus", "Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation", "Gender Education, Research and Technology," Foundation "For Our Children", "Social Activities and Practices Institute" Foundation "Lale"National Network for Children, "ARC", "Parents" (main coordinator), "Centre for Woman's Studies and Policies."

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