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My child has a difficult behaviour

My child has a difficult behaviour

The team introduces the child and the family to their rights and the content of the service. After an assessment of the needs, a support plan is negotiated that includes:

Psycho-social assistance and consultation of the child and the family;

We believe that a valuable parenthood is one that: ensures the welcoming of the child and the child's belonging to the family and to the relationship between the two parents; provides good care, mainly revealed in the attitude towards the child, such as communicating, talking, emotional attitude, recognition, looking for and trying to respond to the needs of the child.

The psycho-social assistance is a specific complex of activities, selected according to the needs of the child and the available resources. The social service ensures an authentic attitude to the child. The helping people create real relationships with the personality and listen to him/her with attention.  

Individual support and consultation of parents and families of children at risk, including parents of children with disabilities; 
Consultation is a specific method for helping people in difficulty. By itself it is a complex of psychological, pedagogical, and therapeutic techniques, aimed at change in the conscious region of the human personality. It includes information, orientation, support, and as a result of these main elements, the desired change could be achieved.


Family Group Conference;
Participants are the members of one family and the goal is to solve a conflict in the relationship between them, related to the distribution of responsibilities in bringing up the child. The method offers various opportunities, including for distributing the roles and responsibilities in the raising and upbringing of the child. It is also applied in the case of a child for whom re-integration is planned or is in process of recovering the relationship with a parent, as well as in the case of all other kinds of difficulties. As part of this method some important people for the child are included, who may not be from the family (a teacher, community educator, volunteer). In this way, the family becomes a generator of a positive social change.


Family Consultation;  
The family consultation is a specific approach, developed especially to achieve mutual understanding, and to solve conflicts and situations. Participants are parents, children, grandparents, and other actors that have a place on the family map. It is also used as a way to support foster families in the process of taking care of a child placed with them.


Consultation of children in conflict with the law or at risk of being attracted to a negative friendship environment;
The support is provided by a specialist that identifies the reasons for the behaviour of the child and their meanings; the factors that contribute to the behaviour and the motives for it; the needs of the child, its resources and strong sides, the supportive environment and the child's inclusion in the process of change, the inclusion of the parents and the extended family in the work. Support is provided for the initialization of a protection measure by working in a multi-disciplinary team of specialists from different institutions.

Group Program for Teenagers;
The program supports teenagers with various behavioural problems – running away from school, home, arrogant behaviour. Its goal is to increase the social competence of these youths, and to ensure prevention of more similar actions.

Provide new spaces for communication and meeting others through art, culture, fashion, and various other activities. They help for the inclusion of children that have been alienated and isolated. Under the form of various workshops group work is carried out with children of similar age, unified by a common topic that allows them not so much to develop talents, but to understand themselves better, to understand others, to increase their self-esteem, and to find a dignified place in the world. Taking part in a workshop is part of the work with the child, before that the key specialist researches the needs, and together with the child and the parents prepares an individual work plan. Through the group work skills are acquired, knowledge is gained, action is provoked, and positive communication is encouraged.


Support of children that are at risk of dropping out from school or have already dropped out of the education system;
The service aims to decrease the number of children dropping out of school, to increase their motivation, and to create a positive attitude to the education process. An environment close to the family one is formed, where the children would feel secure, supported and understood, and at the same time a relation with the school is foreseen, mediation, defending, work in partnership with the school. During the organization of the school support, we consider the idea that it should offer what the family offers to their children, it is not a nursery. Every child could select a space where to study, where to use books, encyclopedias, maps, ets., which are ordered and available as it is at home, and not put away in inaccessible book shelves. The child could ask for help with a particular subject, and as is at home, the specialists from the service are not necessarily teachers in that respective subject, but people that are trying to help the child to be more motivated, to make more efforts, to look for materials, and if the child really has difficulty that they cannot resolve alone, to look for a consultation with a specialist. In this service educators, psychologists /in the assessment/, social workers, and volunteers - students in social pedagogy and social activities could take part. The volunteer work is oriented by the individual plan for work with every child.