"Improvement of the quality of social work in prisons" 2001-2002

The major aim of the project is the raising of the professional competence of social workers in prison in the social work with an individual case- case study, assessment of needs and risk, sentence planning.Due to this project, with the adoption of the amendments to the Execution of Sentences Act, there is a prepared team in every prison for starting the risk and needs assessment of every newly admitted prisoner and for planning of the sentence.
This project was carried out with the financial support of Open Society Foundation and COLPI program, Budapest.
The length of the project is 12 months, from August 2001 to August 2002.
Ten seminars have been held- nine of them with 60 participants and one with 15 participants for training supervisors (professional consultants) on the OASys (Offender Assessment System) program. A methodological aid for case work and use of the program has been issued.