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  • #PomisliPredi

    #PomisliPredi campaign is aimed at teens and introduce them in understandable way four forms of sexual exploitation and abuse - first sexual pressure, sexting, sponsorship and traffic. &n ...

  • One in Five
    One in Five

    Sexual abuse and exploitation are problems that affect more people than we can imagine. Children are highly vulnerable and can easily be involved in dangerous activities. It is important for adults ...

  • Childhood without bars
    Childhood without bars

    Незабавна реформа в детското правосъдие за пълното зачитане на правата на децата в България поискаха неправителствени организации на специална преско ...

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  • Bad Touch Campaign
    Bad Touch Campaign

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  • Being a father
    Being a father

    A coalition of 10 NGOs launched a campaign "Being a father", which aims to support women in their most important role, namely to be fathers. For child develop ...