Justice befriends the child – training of practitioners  for better cooperation


The overall project objective is to contribute toward the fulfillment of the requirements of the Directive оn a national scale in Bulgaria.

In particular, the project aims to multiply best practices developed in the country under previous European and national initiatives; to contribute toward improving the capacity of the practitioners; to build an effective multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional network for coordination and cooperation at local, regional and national levels.



Management and Coordination of the Project - National Support Councils established on the national level in Bulgaria. An internal and external monitoring will be conducted, evaluation from an international expert. The users (victims of crime) are involved in evaluation. Regular working meetings, regular reports and activities for evaluation of the results.

Raising the Capacity of the Professional Community - this is a group of activities which aim to ensure a holistic approach to enhance the capacity of the professionals. The activities are: Developing framework of competencies; Adapting the model for individual assessment and cooperation; create a package with training materials; organizing and delivering trainings for regional teams from 28 judicial regions; delivery of supervision/methodological support for the introduction of a new work approach.

The publicity and dissemination of the model for better cooperation and integrated approach is a package of activities, aimed at transforming attitudes and raising awareness of the professional community, ensure publicity of the results and access to information to the victims of crime through the conduction of regular public events (regional press conferences, articles, conference), the creation of website with information for professionals and victims of crime, the creation a training movie  on the model’s application in Bulgaria, and publications of project products. 


Target groups:

  • Practitioners - judges, prosecutors, police officers, social workers and psychologists from the child protection system and the system of social services; doctors - pediatricians, general practitioners, forensic doctors; municipal officials and lawyers. In total, 980 practitioners will be trained.
  • Decision makers - representatives and experts from ministries - MJ, MI, MH, MLSP, SACP, ASA, and Supreme Prosecutor's Office of Cassation (SPOC). In total will be trained 50 decision makers.
  • Indirect beneficiaries of the project are:

- victims of crime in Bulgaria, with which will be applied the new model of work and support by the Justice system. Around 400 users.

- members of the general society, media, NGOs and organizations working for the rights of victims - around 1000 participants in the public events.


Expected results:

- enhanced competence of professionals working with victims through the entire system - legal, law enforcement, social, health fields;

- a training film for professionals - All under one roof - for better interaction

- improved and effective cooperation and coordination at the regional and local level for guaranteeing the rights and protection of children and adults who are victims of crime;

- 980 professionals will be trained to prepare individual assessments and for effective interaction in cases of children and adults victims of crime;

 - Public Support Councils

- we expect the formation of 28 territorial teams for cooperation and coordination in cases of victims of crime, with a forecast achievement of 75% (the number of cases) of effective cooperation.  



 - Framework/profile of competencies (Bg/Eng/Fr);

 -  Adapting assessment model for adults; 

- Manual training programs and materials (Bg/Eng/Fr);

- TRAINING FILM (FR version)



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